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Project develop

  • We study the energy demand through an audit of future demands of hot water, heating, cooling, hot water industry ...
  • We study the characteristics that must be installed to meet customer needs. We show the different installation alternatives (or combination of several), running the dimensioning of the same, fundamental for proper operation and future development.
    • Solar thermal radiation influence in the area covered surface or adjacent areas to facilities, pipelines, the object of study...
    • Biomass however, the distance will be very important in that is the raw material, transportation costs, the type of energy source...
  • We show the supply and the viability of the project, developing the contract of sale of energy in specifying the essential details for the supply of energy as the selling price (always at a lower price for the user current), the repayment terms or the options available to the client regarding the purchase option of the installation
  • We process and manage all necessary permits to complete legalization of the installation.
  • We handle the total project funding. At the beginning of the contract, the teams are owned by Cenit Solar and therefore maintenance operations are on our own. At this point, the savings in energy consumption are shared between the user and Cenit Solar.
  • We install the necessary equipment using quality materials. Installing them is performed by professionals with wide experience in the sector.
  • After work, we will start supplying power by contractual stipulations. From that point, the client must meet the payment of invoices.
    • Monthly billing on the actual reading
    • Monthly billing on the survey estimates and adjust for deviations at the end of each year.
  • Measuring and monitoring by establishing a methodology to verify the savings
  • We provide full maintenance of the facility until such time that the buyer is interested in exercising the purchase option.

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