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Energy Service Companies seek to optimize the management of energy facilities, recovering the investment through energy savings achieved in the medium and long term.

The energy service companies are defined in Chapter 1, Article 3 of Directive 2006/32/EC as "a natural or legal person that delivers energy services or energy efficiency improvement in the facilities or premises of a user and faces some degree of financial risk in doing so. Payment for the services delivered is based (partly or wholly) on the achievement of energy efficiency improvements and the fulfillment of the other agreed performance criteria. "

Why choose an energy service company?

  • Energy cost will be reduced immediately, because any investment is made from Cenit Solar. The customer maintains its borrowing capacity and therefore investment, without any change in its financial statements.
  • The project will be implemented with maximum guarantees, because we are a recognized entity with technical and financial capacity, we have a highly qualified technical team with extensive experience in energy projects. What gives the customer a full guarantee on the implementation and subsequent maintenance.
  • We conduct projects with the best technical-economic-environmental solution.
  • The customer does not have technical responsibility for the project, so if any problems appears does not involve financial loss because we assume all technical and economic risks associated with the project.
  • Once the service agreement, installation in perfect condition, will be owned.
  • In Cenit Solar will take care of the technological renovation of equipment and facilities, thereby enhancing competitiveness and customer assets.
  • In general, the use of renewable energy, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduced dependence on conventional fuels and promote employment by creating new jobs. All of this involve, therefore, social and environmental benefit and it helps to save the emission of polluting gases such as CO2, sulfur oxide ...
  • Any installation of renewable energy is seen as a symbol of modernity and user engagement with the environment. What is reflected in an educational benefit as it helps educate the public on the current energy situation.
  • The trend in conventional fuel prices tend to rise at least 6% per year. In addition to this, these prices are very sensitive to international situations (natural disasters, wars, political crises, etc..). For example, in recent years (2002-2008), oil prices increased more than five and gas by three
  • We assume all risks incurred by the user until complete repayment. And we offer to the user the option at any time of purchasing the equipment. Once you have completed the repayment will be presented to the user of the property of it. At this time, all the cost savings generated will be passed directly to the user, who is also responsible for the procurement of equipment maintenance
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Clientes potenciales:

  • Construction companies.
  • City councils, regional and state governments.
  • Hotels, hostals, country Hotels and tourist resorts.
  • Hospitals and Old people's homes.
  • Wellness centres, swimming pools, Sports centres and game centres.
  • Owners of flats and office buildings.
  • Manunfacturing companies of any sector (food, drink, textile, feed, chemistry…)
  • Business operators of district heating.
  • In general, any building with hot water requirements for any use.

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