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Location / Building Solar Cenit

Modern facilities, advanced technology and latest equipment

Cubierta del EdificioCenit Solar is located in Technology Park Boecillo (Valladolid) in spacious facilities of over 1,500 m².


The building is a unique and innovative project because it is equipped with the most modern facilities with the latest technology and latest equipment. It combines sustainable building facilities, bioclimatic architecture and energy efficiency in buildings. And it generates an energy surplus, about four times the demand of the building.

Thanks to the contribution of each of the departments in the company members, it has been built a unique building that integrates all activities which covers the company, worth a visit for lovers of sustainable construction and architectural integration.

The building, which has completed the first phase includes:


CalderasA 110 kW photovoltaic power peak consists of 525 photovoltaic modules located on the roof with an inclination of 20 °. Annual production is estimated at 152,450 kWh, representing a saving in emissions of 74,000 kg of CO2 per year.


A heating system in the deck consists of 64 sensors with a total area of 150m2, reaching an output of 105kW. The energy stored in the tanks is discharged to the collector general distribution 50.000kg avoiding the emission of CO2 per year.


A central heating system with biomass fuel in a boiler of 150 kW for different kind of biomass fuel fed from a silo of 50m3. The boiler provides the heat to a buffer tank of 2500 liters which in turn is connected to the collector general layout of the building.


A poly fuel biomass boiler devoted exclusively to research and fed from a manual loading tank of 250 liters. The purpose of this boiler is dedicate to the testing of different fuels, as well as for carrying out an internal classification of the different biomass found on the market. The two biomass boilers prevent the emission of 40,000 kg of CO2 per year.

CalderasAn installation of geothermal horizontal (10kW of power and consists of 500 linear meters of pipe), a vertical (60 kW of power through holes 120 meters deep) and a foundation set (walls, ramps and floor of the garage). All these facilities are able to save primary energy savings 94.879kWh/año and 40,300 kg of emissions of CO2 per year.

An innovative air conditioning system, when using the same radiant floor to heat the building in winter (reaching 35 ° C) and cool in the summer (about 15 ° C). At the same time there throughout the building a system of fan coil units to meet peak heating and cooling that may occur at times. The cold production is achieved by a 35kW absorption machine, powered by heat from the thermal sensors.


Construction reflects the research and innovation CENIT SOLAR staff and expresses a reality as is the construction of a building efficient, functional, aesthetic, environmentally and economically profitable.

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