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Turnkey projects

Cenit Solar develops any stage of the project that integrates the complete implementation of a facility because they are specialists in carrying out turnkey projects. Thus, the client does not have to worry about anything else.

  • Economic studies, offers and customized viability analysis of solar thermal systems.
  • Presentation of different architectural integration solutions.
  • Processing of all necessary permissions for its legalization
  • Processing and grant management also having the best lines of funding.
  • Legal visa are made and executed projects through an engineering department with broad experience in the field of renewable and constant concern for the R & D + i, (his only aim is to constantly improve performance facilities).
  • Installation of equipment using high quality materials at the best price. Cenit Solar has its own team of installers who have extensive technical knowledge, allowing the execution of high quality.
  • Maintaining full of them throughout life.

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