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Legal frame

The legalization of thermal plants is regulated by the RITE and the installation company must submit before the commissioning. It is performed by the registration of a series of documents (other than by the size of the facility) at the Provincial Delegation of Industry.

This procedure concerns only to the air conditioning and heating installations for domestic hot water to meet the demand for thermal comfort and health of persons (not included, therefore, facilities for industrial applications).



  1. Preparing documentation and payment of fees
  2. Delivery of documentation in the record and stamp of the appointment sheet
  3. Collecting the Thermal Installation Certificate

Documents to be submitted to the Territorial Service Industry:


5 ≤ P ≤ 70 kW     7 ≤ S ≤ 100 m²

P > 70 kW    S > 100 m²

Thermal Installations folder Thermal Installations folder
Nomination sheet Nomination sheet
Application for registration Application for registration
Technical Report Technical Report


Certificate of project management
Certificate of heating system Certificate of heating system


Maintenance contract
Pay of fees Pay of fees


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