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"From Cenit Solar we offer the possibility to owners of heating to keep a complete maintenance of your system."

It is performed in order to maintain the facilities working and complying with the regulatory framework for the current application:

  • Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE) approved by the RD 1027/2007 of 20 July.
  • The Building Technical Code (CTE) approved in March 2006.

Defined three areas in which all operations are divided to ensure performance, increase reliability and extend the life of the facility.

  1. Monitoring Plan
  2. Preventive Maintenance Plan
  3. Record corrective maintenance operations
Ténicos trabajando en una instalación

Monitoring Plan

All the actions directed to ensure that the operational values of the installation are correct. It is a simple observation plan of the main parameters (sensors, primary circuit, secondary circuit) to verify that the installation works and, most importantly, do it properly.

"Our facilities have measures display systems and control devices needed to facilitate the monitoring plan is carried out."


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Maintenance plan

Visual inspection operations, verification of actions and other operations that apply to the installation, be allowed to keep within acceptable limits (defined by the manufacturer), operating conditions, benefits, protection and durability of the installation.

These operations will be conducted by the Technical Service CENIT Projects and Installations Solar Energy, SL within a set schedule.

"During the warranty period of the facility, will be responsible for carrying out preventive maintenance. The operations to be performed and set the minimum frequency (in months), subject to the recommendations made by the Technical Code Building (CTE) "

It is a visual inspection plan and operating control to verify that the installation works and do it correctly in the following systems:

  • Capture system
  • Accumulation system
  • Exchange System
  • Hydraulic Circuit
  • Electrical and control
  • Auxiliary Power System

The maintenance plan includes the observation, testing and registration of the critical elements of the installation. To be completed in a record book, "Preventive Maintenance Act" which will be recorded and analyzed the components of the assessment by the technician.


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Corrective maintenance plan

Arises from the incidents detected in monitoring operations and preventive maintenance when there is any fault in the installation that is must be remedied or replace any defective component. The incident is detected by the customer, who kept advised the SAT (Service Dept.) through a contact telephone number.

It includes the visit to the facility (when the user requires for serious damage) and the analysis and economic evaluation of the work and replacements necessary for the proper functioning of the same.

After an incidence the user will monitor more thoroughly the operation of the facility to verify that the fault has been properly corrected and not repeated.



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