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Sanitary Hot Water

A.- Small automatic drainage facilities for Sanitary Hot Water
It is used for houses or when you need very little surface waveguide. An equipment integrates these features from one to four collectors, a storage tank and other accessories in a small space.
The assembly is simple and fast, especially in homes built.

B.- Plants by elements for Sanitary Hot Water
Used either for individual installations as to central facilities buildings or industrial. They are characterized by easy use and profitability.


Swimming pool heating

Outdoor swimming pools
Solar energy can achieve a steady and pleasant temperature for bathing, reaching an average daytime temperature exceeds 15 º C and covering the needs of comfort in sports or leisure.
It is not necessary to use any type of heat exchanger, because the vase own pool acts as a storage tank by flowing pool water directly by collectors.

Indoor swimming pools
These pools are used throughout the year, so that the collectors have to be covered.
It is compulsory to use an intercooler to prevent mixing heat transfer fluid with anti-freeze of the solar thermal with the pool and the sanitary use.


Solar cooling

Allows the solar profitable throughout the year, because it produces heat in winter and cool in summer through cooling systems absorption machines, operating similarly to the conventional compression refrigeration systems.


Industrial processes

Solar Power Systems that provide hot water for industrial processes (washing, cooking, replacement of water to produce steam ...)

The installation of these systems can achieve great advantages:

  • Energetic
  • Economics (they have a short return on investment)
  • Environmental (reducing a high percentage of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere)

Its uses are different:

  • Large industries that require heat for their production processes, food industry (dried fruit and vegetables, cultivation of mushrooms, soda, cooling ...) textile industry (textile manufacturing, dry cleaners, laundries) transport, farming and agronomic, manufacture of pulp and paper for drying and evaporation ...
  • Companies in the services sector such as sports facilities (swimming pools, sports ...), restaurants, hotels, cottages...
  • Institutions and goverments (municipalities, schools, hospitals, public swimming pools, sports ...)

"The energy efficiency of their processes and optimization of energy consumption are critical factors in the profitability of any industry, so, by reducing fuel consumption, increase their profits by reducing fixed costs and improve therefore, your profits"

Another alternative is to install a simple system of heating by solar collectors for heating industrial buildings that are normally great height and require low ambient temperatures (between 15 ° C and 18 ° C) or other buildings such as offices and production halls.

Any industry can improve their competitiveness because the profitability of the investment in these facilities can be seen in a short period of time.

Mixed facilities

The facilities for various uses have increased their acceptance. The clearest example are the systems using solar energy for hot water all year round, winter heating and water heating of the pool in the summer season.
The best option to get a good heating is using a low temperature sensors as those used in domestic hot water facilities is a radiant floor system, that is able to function properly at lower temperatures than radiators, around 40 ° C.
The combined installation of these systems can produce a fuel economy about 50% and is especially dedicated to real estate, construction and houses.



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