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The main purpose of a solar heating system is to maximize the saving of energy conventional. These facilities are very profitable due to the have a short payback.


"Every installer of solar energy systems should be aware that as important as the quality or design, is the implementation of the installation. From Cenit Solar have it clear."

In private homes, about 25% of the energy is used to heat water at low temperature (personal hygiene, washing clothes, dishes and cleaning), so that, the use of thermal sensors is an ideal solution to have energy savings during throughout the year. It is estimated that on average every year can be saved between 1,500 and 2,000 kWh / year.

The are several uses of this technology and they range from the household for detached houses (works with builders, developers, architects and private clients) to major industries that require heat for their production processes or service sector firms (pools, restaurants, hotels, houses, town halls, schools, hospitals ...)

"In Cenit Solar present adapted solutions because we know that every installation is different, that is why we made a specific study for each case that allows us to find the optimal solution, depending on customer needs."

Last years, we have carried out over 100 projects which involved the installation of more than 3,000 different solar thermal projects.

Cenit Solar handles all aspects necessary for the proper installation of a solar thermal system, a complete turnkey enables the client does not have to worry about anything else.


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  • Free energy: the only installation cost will be the initial investment, which depends on the size of the equipment. All the sunny days of the year or semisoleados take advantage of energy from the sun.
  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels: exploiting energy resources produced locally. The sun is at our disposal and is not being exploited.


  • A direct transformation process: the transformation of the sun's energy into heat is immediate, without intermediate mechanism.
  • Lifetime of the system: a good collector can exceed 25 years in perfect condition.


  • Inexhaustible: It generates energy for many years with the guarantee that the sun is inexhaustible.
  • Minimal ecological impact.


  • Security: a solar power plant offers users a service with guaranteed comfort to enjoy all its benefits, no noise, fumes or odors and virtually trouble-free, in a clean and safe.
  • Employment: the manufacture of components, installation and subsequent maintenance, generates a very important job.

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