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Floor heating

Initial diagram

Esquema de principioProtective cling film: Used to protect the insulation board.

Insulating board: prevents the heat from the tubes is transferred to the bottom.

Edge belt: Used to absorb expansions produced during the heating / cooling.

PEX-A pipe, or similar PB: In charge of distributing the water by the corresponding area. It is important to use a pipe with oxygen barrier layer to protect against corrosion.

Collector: It distributes the water through the different circuits. It is essential that holders have to properly regulate each of the circuits.

Electrothermal Head: Located in the valve circuit and charged in separating each area according to different ambient temperatures.

Ambient thermostat: It regulates the temperature in the room interacting with the electrothermal head or directly on the heat generating equipment.


Mortar additive: Fluidizing compound which prevents insertion air bags within the mortar.


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