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Floor heating


It is the air conditioning system cleaner and more energy savings.

The system is installed in the ground hidden under the floor and consists of a system of pipelines wher the water flows, functioning as heating or cooling fluid. HVAC system is a reliable, safe and proven experience for over 40 years in countries with colder climates than ours, as in northern Europe.

Ideally, to achieve higher efficiency and higher savings, is to combine the installation of floor heating systems with renewable energy production such as solar thermal, biomass and geothermal.

In Cenit Solar we specialize in designing systems combined. Our own installation team at our disposal allows the installation of floor heating combined with any generation system that works with the company, allowing savings of up to 90% in energy consumption.

How does it work

The functioning of floor heating is the transmission of heat or cold water flowing through the pipes to the environment where they are, through the phenomenon of radiation. The low temperature, used in the floors and the homogeneity in the distribution of the emission, is the cause and effect of temperature transmission that occurs mainly through radiation.

The required temperature of the fluid heater is around 35 º C - 45 º C, but this oscillation depends on many factors as isolation, indoor and outdoor temperature or coating of the pavement.

Today there are many configurations of floor heating that vary depending on the features of places and the pavement where you install the system.


Comparativa de tipos de calefacciones












Instalación sin mortero

Facility mortarless

Instalación con mortero en vivienda

Facility with mortar at house

Instalación en rampa anti-heladasFacility on anti-frost ramp










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  • High Conform dute to:
    • Even temperature distribution, both horizontally (because there is pipeline distributed throughout the room) also vertical (for the transmission of heat by radiation), which allows a uniform temperature throughout the room
    • o The temperature profile that provides a system of floor heating is the most suited to the comfort in the human body.
  • Energy savings: It is considered a low-power system because normal operating conditions allow the working temperature ranges are lower than in other systems, which results in a more contended consumption of energy (you can get a savings of up to 20% over other traditional systems of air conditioning).
  • Lack of air currents which prevent the dry air and reduce dust movement, generating therefore more hygienic and healthy environments.
  • There are no elements that interfere with the decoration as with other traditional systems such as radiators
  • There is the possibility of using it to cool the building during the summer. Using an absorption machine, the cold is generated from the heat, so we can use the facility both to keep things cool in summer also warm in winter
  • It has a wide range of possibilities to control the temperature. In addition to this, it allows control of temperature in each room individually.
  • It is totally eliminated ambient noise.


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