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No initial investment

Energy sales

If your company is interested in running a plant of renewable energy but does not have cash to make the investment, you can perform the contract through an energy service company. From Cenit Solar, we finance your project and we take all technical and economic risks incurred by the user until its complete legalization.
During the early years until their amortization, Cenit Solar energy sells at a price cheaper than current rates, in this way, the customer will benefit from menor lower energy bills.
You can purchase the equipment at any time or when you have finished the amortization of them. At once you own the plant; all the cost savings generated by this plant will be passed directly to the owner.

Reduce the most of your energy expenditure

Energy efficiency in the production process and the optimization of energy consumption are key factors to improve profitability any industry. By decreasing fuel consumption, you increase your profits through the reduction of fixed costs and therefore you improve your profit.

Any company can improve its competitiveness because the profitability of investing in such facilities it would be estimate in a short period of time.

We carry out a study and a specific analysis taking into account the broad energy potential we offered to the company and we offer customized solutions, recommending the most suitable alternative energy according to the needs and the volume of consumption that has in its production process.

The uses are for a wide variety of industries, we direct our services to major industries that require heat for their production processes, also to service sector companies such as pools, restaurants, hotels, cottages, builders, building owners, schools, hospitals...

INDUSTRIAL HEAT: We focus on industries that require hot water for industrial processes (washing, cooking, replacement of water to produce steam ...)

SOLAR COLD: We can offer cooling through alternative energy functions similarly to the conventional compression refrigeration equipment. This system allows the installation profitable throughout the whole the year because it produces heat in winter and cool in summer.


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Solar Thermal Energy

Solar thermal systems are characterized by a short return on investment. Its main objective is to maximize energy savings through the use of conventional an inexhaustible resource and free: the sun.
This system allows us to cover the needs of hot water, heating and air conditioning all year long.



The biomass plants require high initial investment but the payback is achieved in a short period of time through savings in fuel consumption.
There are certain industries that generate waste through agricultural activities (woody, herbaceous ...), food processing, livestock, forestry or timber. These companies can exploit their waste and turn them into products, because they can use them as residual biomass (dry and wet).

The higher the consumption, the more profitable is the installation of a biomass boiler over other conventional systems (profitability increases for heavy




This technology lets cover the needs of air conditioning and hot water in a very efficient and not polluting way with performance and high comfort level.
The initial investment is compensated and amortized in a few years by the significant energy savings brought about by these systems.


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