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Privacy Policy

Cenit Solar you should read carefully the following paragraphs

Privacy Policy Web Site

The privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") in this Web Site (the "Website") describes how CENIT SOLAR PROYECTOS E INSTALACIONES ENERGÉTICAS, S.L. may use and disclose personal information that we collect on the User through the Website.

Data Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

When you use or register on the Website, we may ask for certain Personal Information. Among the Personal Information we may request include your name and contact information (email, address and home phone). Depending on the nature of the application or the user activities, we may also ask you to enter other personal data, which will be treated according to the security level assigned by the Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection.
We use Personal Information and other data collected through the Web site to send the user information that is arising in connection with the professional relationship to provide information or services they requested.
CENIT SOLAR PROYECTOS E INSTALACIONES ENERGÉTICAS, S.L. will process your Personal Information if it is a condition for the possible procurement of services or to maintain the relationship, for the purposes of collecting statistics and comply with the relevant provisions in the legislation.
We only process the information relating to health and / or criminal / legal from the users when this type of data recording performed by the user would be relevant, and this will always within the limits allowed by law. 


Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Information

CENIT SOLAR PROYECTOS E INSTALACIONES ENERGÉTICAS, S.L. may disclose Personal Information to third parties or companies, including its group companies and companies with which they maintain a lasting business relationship, provided through a contract of service or other legal document that proves a lasting legal relationship. The disclosure to third parties would occur in the following cases:

  1. We will disclose your Personal Information to our clients where necessary and appropriate in connection with the provision of our recruitment services.
  2. We may also disclose your Personal Information to companies and individuals we employ to develop, in our behalf, our business activity.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

If case of amendments to this Privacy Policy, we will inform the user to update the data for its review. If these changes are substantial, we notify the fact that our Privacy Policy has changed for 30 days, on the main page of CENIT SOLAR PROYECTOS E INSTALACIONES ENERGÉTICAS, SL, and with a link back to this page.


Access and Information

In order to review, correct or delete the data entered in the User's Personal Information or if you have any questions related to the processing of personal data, please contact: CENIT SOLAR PROYECTOS E INSTALACIONES ENERGÉTICAS, S.L., Park Boecillo Technology Francisco Valles Avenue 17, 47151, Boecillo (Valladolid – Spain) or through the email address legal@cenitsolar.es.


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