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Energy Management

It is increasingly common in companies and public institutions to implement policies to promote responsible energy savings. The energy manager is essential for these companies to achieve the objectives set in terms of efficiency and energy saving and improvement of competitiveness in its production processes.

In Cenit Solar energy audits conducted for several years, proposing solutions and developing energy audits in industry, inventories in the supply and consumption in municipalities and different governments, developing energy saving systems and optimizing prices (electricity and gas).
Some of the projects undertaken in recent years to various organizations and companies are:

  1. Performing work for the design of a notebook and a guide booklet rational energy use in stores.
  2. Development of energy inventories in 48 municipalities in Castilla y Leon (Spain). 2007
  3. Energy Diagnostics in Seseña Store (Toledo-Spain). 2007
  4. Energy Audit at the Exhibition Center of Valladolid (Spain). 2008
  5. Energy Audit at the Renault factory in Palencia Spain (Spain). 2008
  6. . Energy Audit at the Faculty of Architecture of Valladolid (Spain). 2009

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