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Turnkey projects

Develop any stage that integrates the complete legalization and implementation of geothermal installation:

  • Research and viability analysis dof geothermal installations. There will be a deep exploration, taking into account a wide number of indications, very important to the correct location:
    • Plan the project on planes is a factor taken into account, since that will allow us to properly integrate the equipment into the building, although is not a prerequisite as it may be equally viable when the building is already built.
    • We appreciate and study the space available for the room where the geothermal pump will be located and present different possibilities of configuration, and the same time we advising the many applications that provides a geothermal installation.
    • We analyze the variables that most influence the determination of the heat pump suitable taking into account the level of building insulation, the temperature outside the zone, type of use you will give, renewals or air consumption of hot water, heating...
    • We conducted a cost study , evaluating the profitability of investment.
  • We handle the processing of all legal permits required for the complete legalization of installation. In addition, we manage the necessary procedures for applying for subsidies (if they exist).
  • We executed projects through an engineering department with extensive experience in renewable energy. By incorporating into our facilities as the latest scientific advances that we have an R + D + i very concerned about technological progress.
  • Run the installation of equipment always using quality materials. Our installation team consists of specialized installers with abroad experience in assembly systems. His expertise can offer our customers quality service, essential in these facilities since we can assure a perfect future performance.

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