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Hot water

Normally used for single family homes, apartment buildings or any industry that requires hot water for its production process


Swimming pool heating

The application of geothermal energy for heating swimming pools (both outdoor and indoor) allows the user to extend the swimming season and enjoy a constant water temperature throughout the year. Thus, benefit from a temperature above 15 °C, meeting the needs of comfort in leisure and sporting facilities such as private homes.


Cold and stand

Just as the temperature is used to capture ground heat in winter, geothermal energy can be applied in reverse, capturing the cold to stay cool during the summer.

It has a cooling circuit pump itself geothermal (hot assets) or by a circulation pump (passive cooling) which transmits the temperature from the collector placed under the earth to the internal circuit of the building.


Industrial Processes

Geothermal facilities provide hot water for industrial processes, which can achieve great economic advantages because although the initial investment is high, have a short payback period.

Its applications are varied and their installation is ideal for large industries that require heat for their production processes (food industry, textiles, transport, greenhouses, livestock and agronomic ...) and utilities (public swimming pools, sports centers and leisure centers, restaurants, hotels, country houses, town halls, schools ...)

The geothermal system will optimize energy consumption in any industrial process. Increase profitability of your company since its installation will allow a significant reduction in fixed costs and therefore improve their bottom line.


Mixed Systems.

Installations for various applications are becoming more accepting as they provide the customer the ability to amortize their investment over the hole year. It takes advantage of winter heating, summer cooling and domestic hot water and heating the pool water throughout the year.

You can complete a geothermal system with other renewable energy systems coming to get up to 90% savings in fuel consumption.


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