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Geothermal energy is the stored energy as heat beneath the solid surface of the Earth.

This renewable resource can be used in a safe, clean, reliable and continuous (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) to produce both heating and cooling through geothermal heat pumps. It is an inexhaustible source of energy to heat, cold and electricity that is not dependent on weather conditions and the timing.

Geothermal energy let cover the needs of air conditioning and hot water in the most efficient and cleaner way, with high efficiency and very high degree of comfort.

Our experience in projects, combined with the use of the best equipments and materials in the market, let us offer our clients maximum comfort and superior performance of its facilities and installations for many years.

We give advice and customized and complete service. Also, we do not subcontract the installation because we have a full variety of own resources, enabling us to offer customers a full guarantee of assembly installation.

In Cenit Solar, we monitor the systems installed by electronic instruments measuring temperature, flow control characteristics of the brine, and incorporated themselves in the geothermal heat pump.


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Advantages for companies, governments and customers

  • Improve the company image; geothermal facilities are perceived as a sign of modernity and corporate commitment to the environment.
  • Educational benefits, these facilities help to educate the community in the current energy situation. Although Spain is of recent origin, in other Nordic countries and Central Europe have been installing these systems for several years.
  • It is comprehensive: it allows the production of heat and cold on a single installation. It is possible to modulate the heating and cooling simultaneously, which allows amortization for the whole year.
  • Durability: protected from the weather.
  • Low consumer spending. Geothermal facilities have a coefficient of performance (COP) far superior to other conventional systems. If is properly designed, the installation can generate 4 to 6 kW of heat for every kW of electricity used, resulting in savings of up to 75% in annual energy consumption.
  • Economic: Although the initial investment in a geothermal installation is superior to a conventional equipment, the amortization should be considered by saving fuel, since on average, consumes one quarter of the energy required by other fossil fuels.
  • No visual impact: Circuit exchange with buried underground.
  • No fuel tanks are needed, external drives, smokestacks or cooling towers.
  • By not using cooling towers eliminates other annoying devices, thus improving the aesthetics.
  • Provides security and reliability to the user because, unlike conventional systems, will override the risk of legionella or other bacteria. For this reason, they are perfect for installation in hospitals, clinics or nursing homes and others.
  • Appliances free of smoke, noise and odors.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions because energy is generated through the heat it gives us the earth.
  • Large spaces are not needed for installation.
  • Installation is perfectly compatible with other systems such as solar thermal energy or biomass.

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