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Solar photovoltaic isolated installations

Subsidies and grants

The cost of solar photovoltaic isolated network is normally high but is decreasing now. Thus, the autonomous communities (regional government) have been developing and running since 2000 called "Solar Plan", whose main objectives are to articulate a series of actions designed to enhance and improve all aspects of solar energy. Within this plan are held annually to finance public subsidies among others, solar PV installations not connected to network.

In Castilla y Leon for example, within the off-grid installations there are three lines:


Kind of installation

Subsidy (% over full cost)


No companies - Others

  Photovoltaic with accumulation



  Photovoltaic without accumulation



  Mixed: Wind power and Photovoltaic.




In Cenit Solar, if wind conditions are optimal in the location of the project, we offer the opportunity to complete installation of PV isolation with a small wind turbine, thus combines the use of the sun and wind to generate maximum power.


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