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Turnkey projects

In Cenit Solar we take care of all tasks necessary for successful implementation of an installation:

  • The technical feasibility studies carried out taking into account such factors as global irradiation area, tilt and load studies covers, available space, any shadows or feasible evacuation point.
  • Presentation of different architectural integration possibilities with the aim of combining the current building facilities in a safe, economic and aesthetic.
  • We present a study and offer custom tailored to your needs and betting always get the best value for the customer.
  • Processing and managing all necessary permits for its implementation to the competent authorities to their full legalization
  • Support in finding financial support through loans, because we have the cooperation of the best banks at the national, regional and local levels.
  • Design, drafting and endorsement of the project by qualified engineers with wide experience in the renewable energy sector.
    In addition, our growing concern for the R & D has enabled the development of equipment capable of significantly increasing the yield and quality of facilities, allowing to reach production levels in the plants well above the estimates. 
  • Project management, implementation and installation we use quality materials at the best price because we have the support of specialized suppliers.
    In Cenit Solar believe that the "expertise" of our team work is very important to the future functioning of a installation. Therefore, we have a group of installers have with an intensive and extensive experience in implementing this type of facility, allowing us to optimize the implementation deadlines and achieves maximum quality. These factors are reflected notably in the production obtained in plants, allowing the producer return on investment in record time. Proof of this are the productions of the facilities we have done that so far are reaching a production around 110-120% of the energy initially estimated. See graphs of production facilities
  • We maintain the installation throughout his life, committing ourselves to the client and studying and analyzing all the variables that influence the production of the plant to try to optimize production to installation day.
We also offer the opportunity to develop all phases of the project, since we specialize in implementing turnkey projects. Thus, the client does not have to worry about anything else and with all the confidence that a leader in the industry can offer.


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