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In Cenit Solar we offer the possibility to owners of PV systems to keep a complete maintenance of your plant. We have a group of solar systems optimization that meets regularly to discuss possible improvements to the facilities already completed, thus achieving dynamically updated over time to improve production and quality of them.

To maintain the facilities in working order, do:


Monitoring plan

We carry out the necessary actions to proactively ensure that the operational values of the installation are correct. They consist of watching over the main functional parameters.


Maintenance plan

It contains preventive checks by trained personnel to detect operating problems of any element that makes up the installation.

Operations are visual inspection, verification of functionality, testing, measurement and others. These operations applied to the installation, be allowed to keep within acceptable limits, operating conditions, benefits, protections and durability of the installation.

  • Thermographic studies are performed to try to detect hot spots on the panels, which could affect its proper operation and took control of the tightness of electrical panels.
  • Comprehensive controls of production through remote monitoring systems that keep track of the installation in real time
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of all components.
  • We offer customized security systems to ensure customer confidence that their facility will be controlled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Telemonitoring systems enable continuous monitoring of plant performance since they offer the producer the opportunity to meet real-time production data installation. Thus, facilitates immediate detection of incidents, reducing downtimes of the plant.
  • We send regular reports to the producers of the products of their plant.
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Corrective maintenance plan

This plan contains all the operations carried out following the detection of anomalies in the operation of the facility, the monitoring plan or preventive maintenance. The aim is to ensure the correct operation of the facility during its lifetime through the appropriate replacement or repair operations.


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