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Grid connected photovoltaic

Initial scheme

Solar radiation is absorbed by the photovoltaic panels to generate electricity (photovoltaic effect) as current. In grid-connected systems the energy is transformed into alternating current by a computer named investor, and is fed into the electricity distribution network connection point (usually the connection exists).


Esquema de principio



Photovoltaic generador

Formed by the parallel and series interconnection of a number of photovoltaic modules in charge of capturing sunlight and transforming it into electrical energy, generating a current proportional to solar radiation received.



Electronic device based on power electronics technology, which converts direct current from the PV modules into alternating current (with characteristics compatible voltage and frequency, the distribution network) operating in this manner in parallel with the distribution network.


Powerline LV

Includes all wiring and protective devices on both the DC between the inverter and modules, as in the alternating current between the inverter and the connection point. Necessary protections are in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1663/2000 of 29 September on the connection of photovoltaic installations to the low voltage network and billing elements and measured according to the Royal Decree and Regulations of Measurement Points Consumption of Electric Power and Transit.


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