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Grid connected photovoltaic


The interest in these times of solar PV is increasing because these facilities help preserve the environment and because these technologies are a comfortable, secure, high profitability investment with a rate of return very attractive.

Our wide experience in solar photovoltaic technology allows us to situate within one of the leading companies in the sector in our country. The extensive experience of the staff, along with periodic training courses, has resulted a dedicated staff, dynamic and with a broad technical knowledge.

Over recent years, have conducted more than 50 projects "turnkey" both small and large powers, reaching a total capacity of 13.7 MW nominal (10.6 MW in soil and 3, 1 MW rooftop).  

Our experience offers additional security to your project, that is why we provide a direct contact, and we guarantee a rapid response to any question.

We connect photovoltaic solar energy projects to the grid in all possible locations:

  • In ground (fixed or dual-axis tracking)
  • On roofs of any type, roofs of houses or shelters. Offering the possibility of integrating them into the building itself.

We focus our services to any particular client, owners, factories, hotels, offices, government, construction companies, engineering studies or other renewable energy companies with which we establish partnerships to execute the installation or engineering.

We offer new and innovative solutions with the latest energy applications on the market.


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If you are interested in investing in solar PV but no location, we offer the possibility of investing in a wind or photovoltaic roof, so you can share the costs of common elements of a facility of this nature, with other investors.


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Parking decks

If you own a deck but do not want to own a PV system can contact us because we have the option of renting it to locate a PV system. In addition to producing annual revenues by leasing pool will increase the economic value of the property and generate a profit for society and you since it would prevent the emission of polluting gases. Similarly, your company will transmit an image of care and respect for the environment to the outside.



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Economics: A photovoltaic system is a great investment because it is amortized over a short period of time and provides access to extra monthly income throughout the life of your system (sometimes more than 25 years).

Social: the installation and subsequent maintenance of these facilities generate a significant number of jobs.

Reduces dependence on fossil fuels: At present, the energy dependence of our country to these fuels is very high. With the installation of solar PV systems avoid the dependency of other nonrenewable fuels, using energy resources afforded us by the sun.

Life of the system: these facilities have a useful life of approximately 40 years. The utility is required to purchase the energy produced for 25 years.

Ecological: it prevents the emission into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides), allowing help to care for the environment.

Prosecutors: renewable energies in general have significant tax advantages because they allow tax relief on both the corporate tax as income tax. That brings an added attraction for investors.


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