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In Cenit Solar Energy Projects and Installations, SL, as a company authorized to perform maintenance work on photovoltaic solar installations, we offer a Technical Assistance Service (SAT) to carry out operations for Preventive Maintenance Plan and Maintenance Technical Services corrective.

The operations of maintenance are required to ensure the functioning of the installation, increase reliability and extend its duration. According to the specifications of the Solar Plan, these actions can be summarized in three steps:


• Surveillance

• Preventive maintenance

• Corrective maintenance


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Monitoring plan

This monitoring plan shows the actions to be performed to ensure that the facility operational values ​​are correct (state of battery charge and performance of regulatory and investor). It is a simple observation plan of the main parameters to verify that the installation works and do it correctly.

  • Visual inspection of the cleaning, wiring and structure of the photovoltaic modules.
  • Visual inspection of cleaning the coils and check the level and density of the electrolyte.
  • Visual inspection of alarms, wiring and clean the regulator.
  • Visual inspection of alarms, wiring and cleaning of the investor.

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Preventive Maintenance Plan

It is carrying out operations to ensure proper operation of the solar system. These operations consist of visual inspections, Verification and Control Operating Performances (CF) performed and recorded by technicians hired Maintenance SAT. The operation to perform on such review may be made at any time during the period of service in accordance with the schedule of visits.

It includes a telephone counseling service on the use of equipment, advice on how best to carry out surveillance of the facility in order to achieve maximum safety, efficiency and energy production facility.

Capturing system

  • In the photovoltaic modules perform a visual inspection of cleaning and detection of damage affecting safety.
  • Visual inspection of possible deformations, vibrations and condition of the grounding of the case.
  • There is a readjustment of borders and connections and check the status of protection diodes.
  • Visual inspection of possible degradation, corrosion on structures and tightening screws.

Accumulation system

  • Functional testing of the density of the electrolyte and visual inspection of fluid level and check the battery terminal connection and grease.

Electronic equipment

  • Functional testing of the indicators and current regulators. Possible voltage drop between its terminals
  • Control operating status indicators and alarms investors and visual inspection of connection terminals.

Cables, switches and protections

  • For wiring, functional sealing, protection and connection of terminals, connectors and rods.
  • Control of operating and connecting terminals of the switches.
  • Control of operation and performance of safety features and protections as fuses, grounding, and safety switches.

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Corrective Maintenance Plan

The properly actions will be taken after the detection of any anomaly in the operation. They correspond to the replacement or repair operations of the facility.


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