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Project Phases

In Cenit Solar, we offer a complete turnkey project. We develop all necessary steps to implement an installation:

  • These analysis and viability studies. Sizing should be calculated taking into account variables such as:
    •  The available energy there are different methods for sizing the system components from these two data. The "worst month" installation is used by Cenit and it means that the project is sized for the month in which the relationship between energy availability and consumption is lower. If the installation is able to meet demand during this month will be able to do throughout the year.
    • Consumption, ideally sizing installation for months December where the available energy is small, therefore, in months that is greater energy production, installation will be used below capacity.
  • Customer presents the different possibilities of BIPV considering which to locate the facility.
  • Processing and managing grants.
  • Installation of the equipment needed using quality materials at a competitive price. Installation is performed by a team of professionals with highly specialized and extensive experience in setting up such systems.
Maintenance of the facility during its lifetime. Preventive controls are in place to warn of possible anomalies include anything that makes installation and periodic cleaning of all components.


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