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Isolated photovoltaic

Initial scheme

Esquema de principio


Isolate PV systems are usually composed of the following components: solar panels, controller, batteries, inverter and loads.

  • Photovoltaic panels are responsible for transforming solar energy into electrical energy and are formed by a set of cells that produce electricity from light that strikes them. The standardized parameter to classify its power is called peak power and corresponds to the maximum power that the panel can produce under certain conditions.
  • The controller is the device responsible for protecting the battery against overload and over discharge deep. In summary, constantly monitors the status of battery charging and regulates their intensity for longer life.
  • The batteries work as an energy storage device as photovoltaic panels generate electricity only in the moments when the light strikes them. Electrical permit use at any time since they can provide an instantaneous power or during a limited time over which the panels could generate, in addition to the batteries maintain a stable voltage level.
  • The inverter is the component designed to convert direct current into alternating, if you connect equipment operating on alternating current, since the energy stored in batteries alone can power consumption DC directly.

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