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Isolated PV


Photovoltaic systems are a convenient solution isolated for electricity in locations where you can not connect to the conventional electricity grid or connection is a high cost. Its applications are many and variety, enabling the electrification of houses, apartments, warehouses, farms, livestock ...

An installation isolated network must guarantee the power supply even in the worst weather conditions due to there are no other energy source.

In Cenit Solar, we have isolated installations for a variety of network applications such as use of pumping power relay stations, electrification of museums, cottages, farms ... in many parts of the country as Valladolid, Palencia, Burgos, Avila, Biscay, Tenerife (Spain and in other countries).  

Our installations have measures visualization systems and control devices needed to ease the monitoring plan is carried out:

  • Hydrometer: determines the density of battery electrolyte.
  • ICharging indicator regulator


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This installation has the following advantages in assembly:

  • You do not need any permission from adjoining properties, thereby avoiding problems with neighbors and installation delays.
  • The dimensions of the panels are small and can be installed easily on the facade, the roof, structure or land ... with the only requirement to receive sunlight.
  • need to install a medium voltage power line or transformer.

The price per kWh in this type of installation is higher than that obtained in the conventional electricity grid thus in solar PV isolation is necessary to optimize the energy consumption of the loads.



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