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Its scope includes the design and development of projects, execution of works and maintenance of renewable energy facilities in the areas of solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, biomass and geothermal.


The scope of this certificate includes the design and development of renewable energy projects in the areas of solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, biomass and geothermal.

Cenit Policy

CENIT SOLAR is a company that aims to implement and install Renewable Energy to companies, organizations and other customers. The company is focused on Turnkey Projects of Energy Facilities, R & D, energy efficiency studies and specific training both internally and externally in all areas of activity. To this end, management commitment:

  • The PERSONS composing it as most important value, recognizing that the contribution of each of them makes possible the continuation of this business project.
  • The maximum RESPECT to all employees regardless of the position held.
  • INTEGRATION of people, with or without disabilities, in an environment of equality and reconciling work and family life.
  • The SAFETY of its employees and others, integrating prevention into their philosophy.
  • The permanent QUALITY daily work to retain customers, offering new and innovative solutions to implement the latest energy technology market.
  • The SATISFACTION of customer requirements and needs.
  • The CLEAN ENERGY GENERATION to protect the environment by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing losses energy, supporting the acquisition of energy efficient products and services designed to pump and improve energy performance.
  • A continuous AWARENESS by saving energy and increasing energy efficiency.

In order to carry out these principles the Company will assume the following commitments:

  • Promote individual and collective RESPONSIBILITY of each employee as well as feel valued and satisfied in the workplace.
  • Promote TEAMWORK.
  • INFORM AND TRAIN deeply their workers in different areas of activity, as in the prevention of occupational hazards, based on the prevention of injury and ill health.
  • PROVIDE THE NECESSARY RESOURCES and involve the workers, making them aware of their individual safety to avoid accidents.
  • Pursue the COMPETITIVENESS of the company in the market, promoting research, development and innovation in all areas of activity.
  • Comply with current LEGISLATION, strengthening the presence of the joint working groups involved in the development of new regulations.
  • Meet other requirements which the organization subscribes related to CUSTOMER requirements, environmental aspects, energy efficiency, prevention of occupational hazards or any other recognized by Cenit.
  • Optimize the work methods, applying cycles IMPROVEMENT daily activity, for maximum staff efficiency and higher profitability in product offerings.
  • Being a framework for setting targets for ENVIRONMENT, QUALITY, HEALTH AND SAFETY and EFFICIENCY, ensuring the availability of information and resources to achieve those objectives and goals.
  • Continuously improve the integrated management system, including the performance of the SAFETY AND HEALTH AT WORK, ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY use by promoting responsible energy consumption, pollution prevention and awareness of the risks both real and potential.

These commitments, which will be spreaded throughout the organization, as well as those working on behalf of Cenit, will guide the determination of objectives, annually, will be laid down criteria for continuous performance improvement and effective management system to ensure compliance with the policy of the company, through the efforts and cooperation of all workers and managers and to support the management team of the entity.

Boecillo, March 7, 2012

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