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Turnkey projects

From Cenit Solar we are specialized in the development of every stage in the project that integrates the complete legalization, installation and implementation of a biomass boiler:

  • We analyze viability studies of the installations, taking into account key issues for the correct location of the installation:
    • Planning the project when it is still on planes is very useful because it allows us to integrate the equipment into the building, although this is not an essential requirement because it can be equally feasible in existing buildings or homes.
    • We assess and study the space available for the boiler and silo (a biomass boiler is usually larger than a conventional one). We present different possibilities of integration, and we estimate the autonomy of the boiler depending on the applications or installed capacity. .
    • Analyze the key variables that influence in choosing the appropriate boiler such as the isolation level, outside temperature, type of use, renewals air or domestic hot water consumption.
    • Performed a study regarding the most appropriate fuel type for each case and how they will value your downloads.
    • Analize cost study to see the economic return on investment.
  • We take care of legal issues of the installation, that means that we are in charge of all necessary permits to the different organizations (both Councils as the Territorial Service of Industry of the Regions, or directly with Spanish Government or others)
  • We conduct projects and technical reports (with the appropriate visa, if necessary). This is possible because we have an engineering department with great experience and very concerned about the latest technological advances.
  • We perform the installation with all necessary equipment always using quality materials and offering customers a wide variety of boilers, always recommending the most suitable for the particular installation depending on the customized studies performed previously. The installation of equipment and plumbing, is performed by skilled and experienced installers with broad knowledge in the installation and maintenance of such systems. In Cenit Solar we are convinced that the "Know-how" of trained and specialized assembly team is essential to the future health of any installations.

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