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Our maintenance is performed by installation technicians with broad experience to ensure optimal performance of their biomass boiler and all its components.

We check combustion systems, accumulation, hydraulic, electrical and control. We perform regular maintenance operations necessary for the perfect law enforcement, by visual inspection and functional checks. All this maintenance activities are according to the maintenance program focuses to keep operating conditions, performance, durability and protection of the installation.


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Preventive Maintenance Plan

This plan means to carry out a regular visit of the facility, depending on the installed capacity of the boiler and working hours of the equipments. All the performed operations and detected incidents will be recorded through a "Road Maintenance Record." Specifically:

  • Cleaning the chimney
  • Cleaning the inside of boiler
  • Monitoring the equipments, and if necessary, adjustment settings.


Boilers up to 70 kW

Boilers over 70 kW

Functioning less than 1.000 h/ year

Yearly review

Half-yearly review

Functioning over 1.000 h/ year

Half-yearly or monthly review

Half-yearly or monthly review



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Corrective Maintenance Plan

After receiving a notice of failure from customers, we guarantee to repair your boiler within a maximum of:

  • 24 hours if there is an interruption the supply of hot water in the establishment
  • 48 h in case there is not an auxiliary boiler to support the demand.

We require our distributors to have spare parts in stock in Spain, and we have spare parts in stock of the brands we work directly from factory.


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