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Initial Scheme

Esquema biomasa


Fuel Deposit or Silo


The fuel silo is the physical place where fuel is stored to feed the biomass boiler, and it has a number of features that should be taken into account for suitable installation:

  • Its design is very important and ideally we integrate into the building, we usually size the silo to be loaded one or twice a year.
  • The location of the silo will vary depending on the design of the installation. It may be adjoining or not to the boiler room, precast, buried or ground level.
  • The silo or deposit is enforced with the current regulations and the rules of the CTE (Technical Building Code). The currently the Basic Document Security in Case of Fire (DB SI) it is compulsory too for this kind of projects..
  • The equipment must be completely waterproof and should not be wet.
  • In silos of work, the silo must have an access door in order to perform necessary maintenance.
  • There can be no electrical or hydraulic element inside



  • We provide a customized study to determine the suitable power, adapted to the demands and characteristics of the building.
  • The market offers a wide variety of brands. Cenit Solar install high efficiency boilers with low emissions, easy to use, they maintain their efficiency over the time with just a few performing maintenance operations.
  • The emptying ashtray of the pellet boiler is generally held monthly.
  • The rules for the boiler room are the same as for other conventional boilers.
  • We consider leaving suitable spaces to perform necessary maintenance.
  • The boiler must have the necessary security measures to ensure no problems with flame flashback and a possible overheating of the boiler.
  • The chimney must be double wall insulated to avoid condensation in the flue gas.
  • We recommend the placement of records for periodic cleaning of the chimney. This will be done during maintenance operations.


System boiler feed

  • The power boiler will be made by a worm (the silo must be adjacent to the boiler) or aspiration (the silo must be at a maximum distance of 20 meters from the boiler or with a maximum height of 5m).
  • The silo is placed ramps to facilitate the fall of the pellet to the element extractor (usually through a worm) or a system to remove the biomass within the silo and enter it into the feed channel (remover).


Hydraulic Circuit

  • The hydraulic circuit is the same as a conventional boiler.
  • We recommend the placement of an accumulation (thermal inertia). So we get the boiler operate within an optimal condition for longer and ensure durability of the machine.
  • The regulation of the hydraulic circuit for the boiler may have the scope that the customer wants, from the control of the buffer tank to control multiple heating circuits of the building even if there are different distribution systems such as underfloor heating or radiators, for example.

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