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Domestic Hot Water


This system is normally used for individual houses or centralized facilities in buildings divided into apartments.



Swimming pool heating


The use of biomass for outdoor pools can achieve a stable water temperature, increasing the bathing season and reaching an average temperature above 15 ° C covering the needs of comfort in sports or leisure installations.


Absorption cooling


Cooling through the biomass acts similarly to the conventional compression refrigeration systems. This system allows the amortization of the facility throughout the year, that is why it provides heat in winter and cool in summer through cooling systems machines absorption.


Industrial processes


Efficiency and optimization of energy consumption in production processes are the key factors in the profitability of any industry. Therefore the reduction of fuel consumption, increase automatically the profits (by lower fixed costs).

In many industries, it is necessary heat for industrial processes (washing, cooking, replacement of water to produce steam ....)

The installation of these systems can achieve great energy advantages and economic benefits (thereby increasing the competitiveness of the company). They have a short payback thanks to the low price of fuel used, which is quite different to other facilities that use fossil fuels.

It can be applied to all types of customers in the food industry, textile, transport, agriculture or livestock, swimming pools heating, sports and leisure buildings, restaurants, hotels, country houses, town halls, schools, ...

You can also install a heating system with radiators or underfloor heating to heat industrial buildings that require low ambient temperatures (between 15 ° C and 18 ° C) or other buildings such as offices, apartments, production halls ...

Mixed installations


The installation or facilities for various applications are becoming more accepted because they allow amortize the installed systems throughout the year through by using of heating in winter, hot water from the pool during the summer and hot water all year round.

This is a potential fuel savings of around 50% and is especially focused to real estate, construction and houses or flats.

You can install the heating system via radiators or underfloor heating. The latter is able to function properly at lower temperatures than radiators (about 40 ° C).


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