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Biomass is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy because it provides a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere almost equal to that which has been absorbed by the plant during its life; therefore, biomass is achieved with a "neutral balance" of CO2 emissions. (We always talk about cycles PRODUCTION, USE).


Contrary to what might be expected, pellet boilers, thanks to technological recent advances in the market have reached the same level of automation that the boilers of conventional gas or diesel and at the same time biomass equipments have improved their efficiency levels.

At present, the cost of pellets is about half of the heating oil at the same heat produced. The growing interest for the use of renewable forest and the great potential we have in our country (and others) allows us to be optimistic about a possible drop in prices of fuel used (the pellet), contrary to what happens with other fossil fuels.

We have installed boilers t for all types of customers:

"In Cenit Solar we distinguish ourselves by innovation (our strength is the continuous technological development) and the designing in our installations. We offer high quality equipment, facilities and installations which provide security to the customer. Our installations are clean and easy to use."

  • For domestic use in houses or neighbouring communities.
  • For industries and companies that use steam for their production processes.
  • Other companies in the services sector csuch as hospitals, schools, warehouses, farms and livestock, heated swimming pools, churches ...

In recent years, from Cenit Solar we have installed boilers with very different powers, and for many different applications, implementing an energy study-specific for each case and adapting to the needs and demands of our customers.
The fuel used in biomass boilers can be classified according to their homogeneity:

  • Non-uniform Fuel
  • Uniform Fuel (the pellet), in the urban environment, biomass is more suitable for the following reasons:
    • The cost of the soil (silo space). The pellet requires smaller volumes of storage space for the same autonomy.
    • The cleaning. Due to be as a fuel produced, the pellet arrives cleaner to the point of consumption, avoiding problems of dirt in the unloading and operation of the boiler.
    • The transportation and distribution. Being a uniform fuel, you may download to pneumatic tankers or trucks.

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Advantages of a biomass boiler

"We are convinced of the potential future development that will have biomass installations."

  • The main advantage is the low price of fuel (the pellet) compared to other fuels. The higher the consumption, the more profitable is the installation of a biomass boiler over other conventional systems, and this effect will affect a smaller payback of the investment (Therefore the difference is higher in high consumers as sports centers, blocks homes, hospitals ...)
  • The CO2 emissions to the atmosphere are considered invalid (0, zero).
  • It takes advantage of a waste currently unusable. Energetically, it is using a waste currently discarded or used inefficiently for thermal use.
  • The cleaning of the forests; to get raw material to produce the pellet that causes indirectly a reduction in forest fire, an improvement of quality of wood and an obstacle to forest pests and diseases.
  • Also it generates a lot of jobs because it is necessary manpower for forest clearing, preparation of biomass fuel (pellets), for installation and subsequent maintenance of the equipments...
  • It allows the continuity of agricultural activities such as energy crops (with the consequent recovery of certain rural areas).


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